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“Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with the wedding. Your calm attitude made Friday afternoon so much better and Diane and Chris had a beautiful ceremony. Thank you also for your help with the cookies, I really appreciate it.”

“I would be glad to highly recommend you to future clients.”

–Wedding at The Hawthorn House for Dr. Diane Larson and Dr. Chris George, October 4, 2019

Testimonial IconPeg George, Mother of the Bride

“Lisa is incredible! This is the 3rd Reardon wedding in 3 years that she has been the wedding planner for and my family adores her. She is truly an angel and did anything and everything she could to make sure that our wedding day went as smooth as possible. Her upbeat and friendly attitude makes her approachable, however, her ability to take action and get things done is why we knew she was perfect for the job. Lisa, I can’t thank you enough!”

Colleen Reardon Augustine

“Thanks so much for your patience with me taking so long to get this review to you. Things have been crazy at school, and I have really just put all things wedding out of my mind! I guess that I thought about nothing but wedding things for 9 months, it has felt good not to even think about it for a few weeks. But truly, thank you so much for all of you help. I could not have gotten through the day without your help. I have so enjoyed getting to know you, and hope to see you again soon at another wedding or just out and about in KC.”

StraeterJulie Straeter

“Lisa was amazing to work with throughout the wedding planning process, as was her assistant Mary. We were able to communicate seamlessly through email and our meetings were extremely productive. When it came to the day of our wedding, we knew we were in great hands. The ceremony could not have gone more perfectly and the reception was great from the introductions, to the speeches, and the party that followed. Lisa and Mary were there to take care of all of our needs, keeping everything organized and running smoothly.”

Testimonial IconAshley Mauck

I wish to offer a resounding endorsement of the service provided by Lisa Jones for my daughter’s wedding.

My first response to the idea of hiring Lisa was “why”?   Why do we need someone to oversee the jobs that we’ve hired people to do?  Why can’t we rely on people to show up and do what they’ve been paid to do?

In an ideal world, that would be true.  But weddings are full of emotion and expectation.  That energy alone infuses the day with surprise. Small fires pop up everywhere.  And in the end the family will have a much smoother day if they don’t have to put on their fireman’s suit while attempting to enjoy the wedding.  And there are so many things we simply don’t know we need to do.

Ours was a two-venue wedding.  The ceremony was held outside at a private farm and the reception 25 minutes away at a country club.   The forecast for the day was 80% chance of thunderstorms.

In the end, the day was beautiful, but it was full of issues.  Ends up that is “wedding normal”. For example:

  • The officiate left his notebook at the rehearsal venue. Lisa received the call and picked it up the morning of the wedding.
  • The friend who was marking the property with balloons and putting up the signs arrived, as planned, about five hours before the wedding.  But there was a mighty wind and the threat of rain. It was too soon to put up signs or balloons. So Lisa received the balloons and directed her helpers to put them out later.
  • If the weather provided a break, we were going to have the front of the tent taken off, so that people would enjoy the beautiful view but that needed to be a fairly last minute call.  Lisa managed this seamlessly,
  • The wedding party was preparing in two separate places, but alas the sandwiches were mixed up.  This was merely a five minute run each way to make a correction –but there was Lisa to bewitchingly twitch her nose and make the sandwiches right.  
  • People would disappear at the oddest times.  Who is going to find them? Lisa was on it.
  • The buses hired to bring 80 people to the wedding waited in one spot and the people in another.  Odd that no one noticed for twenty minutes. Urrrrrgh…..But Lisa was there to smooth out this small wrinkle.  The bus people were hustled in and the wedding begun immediately. All without the wedding party absorbing the tension.
  • Endless Etc.

    You get the idea.  It is a day full of small, unpredictable stresses.  And those little details can put an already emotional family on edge if left to make the calls, get the signs up, hustle people to the right place, manage late buses.  The parents of the bride would then arrive whittled and weary instead of refreshed and confident.

     In the end, Lisa managed every worry, made every call.  She was gracious, positive, energetic, competent and reassuring.  She has delightful management skills and the wedding day was perfection.  She was the one to put out any fire. And that is on top of her go-to list that she provides in her materials.

     Would I do it again?   Suffice it to say that if I had another daughter and she became engaged, Lisa just might be our first booking phone call…….

Pam Bauer Nolan, Relaxed & Happy Mother-of-the-Bride

“I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Millie’s event designs. From the extensive prep work before with Lisa to the amazing attention to detail during the big day, Lisa had everything handled! I absolutely could not have had the wedding (or at least kept it as stress free) without her and her team. I would recommend Lisa for anyone who wants to fully and completely enjoy their big day without having to worry about all the little details getting done. She is a magician!”

FowlerLeah Fowler

“Millie’s Event Designs was fantastic and so easy to work with. Lisa was prompt communicating with me and all of my vendors. She gave us great ideas that helped make our day classy, fun, and unique. On the day of the wedding, she and her team took care of all of the issues that came up without me even knowing about them – which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Lisa, for making our day so special! I highly recommend Millie’s Event Design.”

Testimonial IconKim Schaefer

“Lisa Jones made being a part of the wedding ceremony, as well as being a guest, a stress-free, picture perfect experience. She was extremely organized, welcoming, and gracefully poised the entire weekend. Lisa provided clear information weeks before the wedding and made sure each person felt comfortable with his or her role in the ceremony, making the entire process successful.”

Testimonial IconKatie Martin, Soloist at Allie Donahue & Tucker Noyes Wedding

“We love Lisa! My experience with Lisa as our Wedding Day Of Coordinator was fantastic. From our initial meeting to our goodbyes on our wedding night, she was a great support to have. Lisa is very organized and always willing to help. Leading up to the wedding she would provide guidance when it came to vendors, wedding etiquette, and moral support. Lisa works very well with the various vendors and helps pull everyone together. In our eyes, the wedding weekend was flawless. Our wedding party adored her and she took great care of my husband and I. We are so thankful for such a great team helping us to have the most amazing day.”

DonahueAllie Donahue

“My wedding was almost completely stress free and I attribute a lot of that to Lisa. She was on top of everything on my wedding day so that I didn’t have to be. I recommend her to anyone needing day of, week of or entire wedding planning!”

FieldsKatie Fields

“Lisa was great to work with! She helped finalize all the last minute details of our wedding and pointed out anything we might have missed. The day of our wedding went smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Everything was organized and set up exactly how we wanted and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Overall, Lisa is very professional and knows how to make everyone happy. We were all very pleased and I would highly recommend her to any bride!”

PriviteraJennifer Short

“Lisa came highly recommended to us by a friend who had used her for both of her daughters’ weddings and by one of our vendors. We had lined up many of our vendors when we first met with Lisa, but I was still concerned about how everything would come together. After our first meeting with Lisa, my daughter and I knew that we were in good hands. Lisa was available to promptly answer our questions about vendors or any other concerns throughout the process. As we got closer to the wedding, Lisa developed a timeline with us, which she communicated and coordinated with our vendors and wedding party. Many in the wedding party commented on how impressed they were with the detailed timeline and how much they appreciated knowing what to expect. During the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding, Lisa really took the reigns. All details were attended to and we were able to enjoy what turned out to be a perfect day! In addition to bringing experience and organization to the process, Lisa is friendly and thoughtful! I would highly recommend Lisa.”

DonahueLeslie Donahue, Mother of the Bride

“Lisa with Millie Event Design, was very helpful to us with our wedding coordination. Our event took place at union station in Kansas City, mo and Lisa helped out quite a bit with making sure everything was running and continuing smoothly for us. She had stepped in to help us earlier than we had expected, which was wonderful, and the help continued all the way to the day of our event. Our day of our wedding, neither of us had to worry about any of the vendors that we had lined up, as Lisa took care of all of that coordination.”

Testimonial IconAhli Hedges

“Lisa did an exceptional job on our wedding day! She really helped me stay organized and meet my deadlines as the wedding day approached. I don’t know what my family and I would have done without Lisa and her daughter! She is always willing to go above and beyond. I have already referred Lisa to several friends and will absolutely continue to do so!”

ReardonKelly Reardon

“Not only was Lisa easy to work with, she was always available to answer any questions we had. I had not contacted Lisa until after I had already booked most of my vendors but was quite pleased with the fact she had already had a working relationship with all of these people which lessened my concern on a successful wedding. I also changed our DJ based on her recommendation and we were very glad we did. Lisa also offered samples of welcome letters, gift bag suggestions, etc. On the day of the event she did not wait for the dining room director to coordinate the staff but rather took charge in a pleasant and efficient manner.”

Testimonial IconJean Akerly, Mother of the Bride

“I am so VERY happy we hired Lisa. She was so easy to work with, especially when I hit those “Bridezilla” moments! When we were stressed or had something unexpected “pop up” at the most inopportune time, Lisa was there to take care of it quickly, effectively and KINDLY! A bride and groom could not ask for anything more.”

PriviteraKaitlin Byrne and Joey Privitera

“Lisa did an exceptional job as my month-of wedding coordinator — she truly fulfilled everything I needed in a wedding coordinator. Very professional and truly an expert in her field. She worked well with all of my vendors and was there for whatever I needed. She does a great job making sure you’re not forgetting anything and truly helped make our wedding day very seamless! Would highly recommend Lisa to other brides!”

Testimonial IconSuzie Hsieh

“I am so VERY happy we hired Lisa. She was so easy to work with, especially when I hit those “Bridezilla” moments! When we were stressed or had something unexpected “pop up” at the most inopportune time, Lisa was there to take care of it quickly, effectively and KINDLY! A bride and groom could not ask for anything more.”

UnionStationStacey Price, Facility Rental & Events Manager | Union Station Kansas City

“I have to say that I was very reluctant to have a wedding planner. I felt we were well prepared and well organized. My vendors were very responsible and professional and there was no need for the added expense. After we spoke with other friends who had weddings we were encouraged to consider a wedding coordinator just for the day of the wedding. Soon after, we met Lisa and agreed that she would be the one to walk with us through this memorable day. As a result, the entire wedding planning experience was stress free and the day couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Lisa began preparing a month in advance by meeting with us for a planning session. She assisted us with her expertise and creativity any way she could and nothing was too much to ask of her. With her outgoing and positive personality she accomplished a multitude of tasks according to my needs. To name a few, Lisa made contact with the vendors and made sure that the schedule for the day was followed without a glitch. She designed, provided and set up a creative place for name cards to be displayed at the reception, took care of gifts and cards, returned vases to the florist etc. etc. etc. Lisa worked tirelessly from the rehearsal, to the end of the evening. The next morning she returned to complete any unfinished tasks. I highly recommend Lisa to assist with the planning of a wedding or any other type of event. We are thankful to Lisa for all of her help and for our new friendship.”

MelgaardDonna Melgaard

“I am so VERY happy we hired Lisa. She was so easy to work with, especially when I hit those “Bridezilla” moments! When we were stressed or had something unexpected “pop up” at the most inopportune time, Lisa was there to take care of it quickly, effectively and KINDLY! A bride and groom could not ask for anything more.”

Sandoval ChambersSarah Sandoval Chambers

“There are only a few event planners that I really enjoy working with, and Lisa with Millie’s Event Designs is one of them. She is so fun and professional, and really makes the day run smoothly. The clients have lots of fun, and the vendors [like me] are able to focus on our jobs and make sure we are doing the best work we possibly can. If you need help planning your wedding or special event, get in touch with Lisa as soon as you can. You will not regret it!”

“Working with Lisa as a day-of coordinator is always an absolute delight. As a photographer and cinematographer I’m around every aspect of a wedding from beginning to end. Lisa has always makes sure everything is going as planned and checks in regularly with me and other vendors asking if there’s anything she can help with. Her personality, energy and attention to detail is exactly what any bride and groom needs for their wedding and I am always so excited when she’s the day-of wedding coordinator because I know the day will run smoothly.”

Testimonial IconGeorge Mulinx

“Carolyn and Jeff’s wedding day could not have been more perfect. And thanks to your hard work and organizational skills I did not have any worries. Everything went so smoothly and there wasn’t a thing we would have changed. We really appreciate all the effort and attention to detail that went into making Carolyn and Jeff’s wedding “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” You really go the extra mile!”

GrayPam Gray

“When we hired Lisa as our wedding coordinator, we had no way of anticipating all the things we would end up needing help with. Lisa was willing to do as little or as much as we were comfortable with and as the day got closer she made herself available at all hours of the day. Lisa did everything from reprinting name place cards hours before the wedding, to taking measurements and transporting the bridesmaid’s dresses for last minute alterations. She went above and beyond the role of a wedding coordinator and she was excited to do it. We absolutely loved Lisa and are so grateful for her positive and kind attitude during the entire process.”

KimminauKristyn Kimminau, Interior Designer | LEED Green Associate

“My mother and I were planning a wedding from two different locations, myself in California, and my mother in Missouri. I was worried about the amount of stress on my mother, as she was on the front lines at wedding central. Thankfully we were introduced to Lisa Jones. Lisa worked with my mother and facilitated all the timelines and day of activities. The days leading up to a wedding are stressful, emotional, and exhausting. With Lisa’s help, I was able to accomplish everything I needed with half the stress. When I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions, Lisa was there to save the day. She was an extra set of hands, a last minute stylist, a calming force, a referee, and much more. It really did make the days leading up to our wedding so much easier.”

Testimonial IconBride

“Lisa was recommended to us by a friend. We already had our vendors and just needed someone to guide us through the last month and weekend of the wedding. The last few weeks before the wedding, Lisa sat in on all the final meetings with the vendors and constructed the timeline for the wedding weekend. She even did a walk through of the ceremony and reception with us, due to the unusual location for both. The day of the wedding, we had to make some last minute changes due to weather conditions. There were a number of items that needed to be moved inside and displayed. Lisa handled it all seamlessly. At the end of the evening, she collected everything and had it ready for us to take home. Working with Lisa is like working with a good friend. She is kind,efficient, thoughtful, and reassuring. Thanks, Lisa, for a great job!”

Testimonial IconBride and Groom

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