A Year In The Making

The wedding of Adrienne Towner and Ryan Ramler was a wedding right out of Vogue Magazine. With a wedding of this stature it takes a year in planning to make sure you can account for all the details.  On a beautiful August afternoon, The Abbott www.abbotteventskc.com venue located just east of the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City hosted both the ceremony and reception for Adrienne and Ryan to celebrate with family and friends.  The caterer, florist and the pastry chef were all three long time family friends of the Towner’s from Pittsburg, KS. The ceremony was very moving as the officiant, who was also the groom’s uncle, related personal memories of the bride and groom. Once the officiant introduced for the first time; Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Ramler, it was time to move to the cocktail room where an open bar and a buffet of delicious appetizers satisfied the guests as The Abbott staff seamlessly turned the room from a wedding ceremony to a reception event.

As the reception began, the bride and groom were introduced and made their way to the center of the room to cut their cake and make a champagne toast to their new life together as man as wife. The couple then proceeded to their table to begin the buffet service for the guests to enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. As the guests were dinning, the DJ; www.platinumdjkc.com began the evening’s events with the bride and groom having their first dance. The couple then invited all their guests to join them onto the dance floor.  The evening’s festivities continued well into the night as everyone celebrated Adrienne and Ryan’s married life together. Millie’s Event Designs was thrilled to work with Adrienne and Ryan over the course of the year just so we could be there to coordinate their beautiful wedding day.

 Photos by; Molly Kaplan; www.mollykuplen.com

When you find that perfect someone and “Love” is in the air, look to Millie’s Event Designs to coordinate your wedding day with all the style and elegance that you have imagined since you were a little girl.  The honor will be all ours!