KC Star Q&A Lisa Jones owner of Millie’s Event Designs

The Kansas City Star By STACY DOWNS Lisa Jones, shown in her Overland Park home, owns Millie’s Event Designs. She plans parties, weddings and gatherings big and small. JOB DESCRIPTION: Owner of Millie’s Event Designs, a business that plans parties, weddings, fundraisers and other functions, 913-890-3368, You’re Lisa. Who’s Millie? My [...]

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Details Make the Difference

John Derian Store in NY This summer my daughter and I traveled to New York for a week of shows, shopping and site seeing.  Our  travels took us to the East Village where we happened upon John Derian's store. Stepping into John Derian's store, you may well feel that you have left [...]

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Warm the Heart of the Winter Chill

Welcome the New Year with an intimate dinner for six... As we welcome a New Year, and the winter chill has set in for its extended stay, think about hosting friends for an evening of comfort, laughs and bottle of your favorite wine.  Serving soup to warm the heart complimented with parmesan cheese crisp, [...]

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Dreams Do Come True…

Have you ever wondered where the car dealers get those King Size Bows that appear on their commercials? Well, wonder no more.  This past Winter Solstice morning was my daughter Amelia's 16th birthday.  She awoke and to her surprise, our driveway held a Mini Cooper with a beautiful red King Size Bow So [...]

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Sweetness! 16 At Last!

Creative Nectar Studio was the site for the Sweet 16 Paint Splatter Party - December 21, 2011. To most people, the 21st of December marks the Winter Solstice.  But not to Amelia Jones who turned 16 this year.  Tonight she celebrated with a few of her close friends with a paint splatter party [...]

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Kansas City Welcomes Martha Stewart

Kansas City's Unity Temple on The Plaza Sanctuary hosted an evening with Martha Stewart. On this rather warm November evening, there I sat among others star gazing and listening to Vivien Jennings, (owner of Rainy Day Books) in conversation with entertaining and style icon Martha Stewart.  Martha was in Kansas City promoting her [...]

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Getting Down to Business!

The time is now to start planning those Holiday Parties... Yes, it is that time of the year when the kids go back to school.  Fall is just around the corner and so are the Holidays.  It was just three years ago when I was planning my daughter's 13th birthday "surprise" party.  She is a [...]

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Jazzoo 2011 – Kansas City Zoo

Events in KC... This Friday night the Kansas City Zoo will open its gates and welcome guests to the one of the largest charitable events – Jazzoo 2011.  In case you are not familiar with Jazzo this event began back in 2003 and is the Kansas City Zoo’s largest fundraiser.  This charitable event [...]

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2011 Sprint Cup Series – Kansas Speedway

Corporate Hospitality comes to Kansas Speedway… This weekend the Kansas Speedway comes alive with the invasion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  If you have never been, this would be an opportunity to see the best drivers in the world take to the pavement at the Kansas Speedway.   Corporate America spends millions of [...]

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Meaningful Events Need a Guiding Touch!

In The Beginning Every successful event that I’ve ever attended, whether it was a wedding, a fundraiser or a charity ball, had someone purposefully guiding it from inception to execution. Being in sales and marketing my entire adult career, I understand how much a good presentation can mean. I got my first real taste [...]

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